Browsec how to use VPN


I want to tell you how to use browsec vpn this paper.

First, according to the browser you want to use our download page correctly you need to do is download a browser VPN. I’ll talk to you about how to use the chrome browsec VPNs. browsec VPNs use the same in all browsers.

Browsec Vpn Download Page

Click on the link to download the Chrome download page, the above browsec you are downloading the VPN.

Once the download link is clicked, a green plug-in plug-in appears in the upper right corner of the center it is our Browsec shortcuts. He can choose the country we want by changing the required settings from the part y. Because sometimes we choose countries that we entered the site can be banned from the country. Different countries it is consequently necessary.

Browsec Vpn For Chrome

That of the country as we want in the country that we want the Google extension may vary. Netherlands N English Netherland DR. Briefly .nl =) has been specified benefits.

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