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What is VPN ?


VPN [ Virtucal Private Network ] ?


The networks covered system. Do you have a link on the Internet. By any in this connection and have the opportunity to be seen by any person router. So when you make a connection first, before you are connecting to your wireless network. After that your wireless network is undergoing a wired network. And going on the router from multiple sites. You have to follow to reach you or your information from any point going at the time of each connection is possible. We call this VPN systems are systems that allow this connection. Our knowledge we connect through a VPN is encrypted. Against parties comes as encrypted information. Therefore, the way to be followed by any application or any intelligence agency or by anyone and are not able to understand.

Why do we need a VPN connection.


Our reason for needing a VPN connection, because by fraudsters, given our knowledge of many examples like these to prevent the theft. In short, all internet users who want to have reliable communication that communicates over the Internet and set up the VPN needs. According to research conducted in the United States uncomfortable with the monitoring of their activities Duyuyo are citizens of America. Using VPNs are very common in America because of him. In other countries, this research will increase the use of VPNs BEEN PERFORMED.


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